Why Should I Go to College?

People who go to college not only make more money than people who don’t, but they have a lot more control over their lives. Here are some of the reasons people go to college:

  • More choices. The more education you have, the more choices you’ll have in choosing a career. Click here to see what level of education you need to get various kinds of jobs (PDF). The number of jobs you can get with a high school diploma is shrinking, but the number of careers available to people with a college education is constantly growing. Also, the more education you have, the more likely it is that you’ll get to make your own career decisions rather than your boss telling you what to do.
  • More money. On average, the more education you have, the more money you’re going to make. Click here to see a chart that shows how much money you’re likely to make at each education level (PDF).
  • More opportunities. People who have a higher education are much more likely to be able to travel and do exciting things in their career and their personal life than people with only a high school diploma.
  • Better life. People who have a college education have a lot more say about the way their lives unfold and are much more likely to be able to plan and achieve the kind of life they want to have.
  • Learn more. If you like learning, college is the place for you! Not only will you learn more about the world, you’ll learn more about yourself.