Preparing for Careers

American Job Center - Check out tools to help you explore careers, investigate salary and benefit information, plan a job search and browse job sites, and write and improve resumes and cover letters.

Big Future - Search for and compare colleges to find the college that works for you. Check out financial aid information and career options as well! - Refocus your career path with these 10 vocational occupations. - Best jobs without a college degree.

Career Connections - The youth-centric portion of The Workplace, Inc. in Bridgeport. - For Kindergarten to High School teens, college students and adults, Career Kids offers the greatest selection of educational materials for careers, guidance, life skills, job search, and workforce development.

Economic Value of College Majors - Uses Census Data to analyze wages for 137 college majors to detail the most popular college majors, the majors that are most likely to lead to an advanced degree, and the economic benefit of earning an advanced degree by undergraduate major. - Is college over rated? Top 21 Highest Paying Jobs with NO College Degree!

How to Graduate With a Job - This Washington Post Magazine article provides a look a "The Steps to a Job: Learn What a Robot Can't" with five specific steps that students may want to consider at they begin their college adventure. 

My Next Move - Browse careers by industry, keywords or take a career interest inventory. Then check out the education requirements, skills and knowledge needed, occupational outlook and more! - Figure out what’s next.

One Day, One Job - Figure out what you want to do after college. Every day there is a new company or non-profit featured on the site. The website tells you what the companys do, who they are, why they're interesting and what kind of entry level jobs and internships they offer.