New professional video featuring Yale-Bridgeport GEAR UP

This past summer GEAR UP students participating in the Residental Program took a class called “Story Telling with Data” which was taught by Prof. Lisa Dierker of Wesleyan University.  (At Wesleyan the course is entitled, “Passion Driven Statistics.”)  In the class, students chose questions of interest to them, compiled data from the Add Health Data Set and used the program SAS to analyze the data. They created posters to display their findings, and the course culminated in a poster session, just like those done in academic settings. 

A video about the class has been created by videographer William Garrison of StreamLearn, LLC. A link to the video, entitled "Yale-Bridgeport GEAR UP Partnership Adopts Passion-Driven Statistics," can be found by clicking on the "Photos and Videos" tab at the top of this page.